XBLA Summer of Arcade Lineup 2011

XBLA Summer of Arcade 2011

It’s that time of the year again! One of the best things to look forward to during the summer time if you ask me. Click here to view the list in full detail of what discounts Microsoft has in store for Xbox Live Arcade. The deals go live on July 20, 2011. Don’t miss out!


I Spy With My Riddle Eye

Is Edward Nigma smarter than the Bat?

Yet another epic Batman: Arkham City trailer featuring The Riddler. This was 2x better than the introduction of Cat Woman which was rather bland and generic. Along with the trailers, the stunning 12 minute game play of Arkham City left me in awe as I refuse to wait any longer! I’m anxious to explore Arkham City’s open world yet linear environment. October is still far far away.

The Curious Case of BioShock Infinite 15 Minute Demo at E3 2011

Elizabeth Wins the Hearts of Many

At E3 2011, it was apparent that ‘Bioshock Infinite’ has gained a lot of attention from gamers by featuring a new stylistic approach to the next successor of the series. Elizabeth has won the hearts of many with her adorable appeal. To torment anxious fans even more, a 15 minute demo of ‘BioShock Infinite’ at E3 was released to leave people hunger for more. Is this game worthy of all the hype it has received?

Just as Elizabeth mentions, “Booker… THAT WAS AWESOME!” Indeed it was!¬†After watching the entire 15 minute video, I am swayed by this in-game footage and believe BioShock Infinite is headed in the right direction. This is clearly a surprise since BioShock 2 was complete garbage! Hopefully the future is bright in 2012 and the mass will not be disappointed once this is released.