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Launch Date Set For Torchlight II

Brace yourselves dungeon dwellers, Torchlight II’s launch date is finally set! On September 20th, we’ll all be able to pick up a copy of this amazing title. I’ve been awaiting this release for the longest time. During the Steam Summer Sale, I would always check out Torchlight II and it would say ‘Coming this Summer.’ Well, summer has been over not so long ago. They fooled us into thinking it would be available by the end of August. But I guess a fall release isn’t so bad. I’ll take it! I was able to test this sequel out during beta. Let’s just say this game did not disappoint as 5 hours went by so fast in one sitting. I eventually completed the beta was left wanting more. Almost to say ‘that’s it?!’ The multiplayer feature also makes this game 5x more enjoyable. Certainly was something the first was lacking. But Runic Games was awesome enough to listen and give the fans what they thought was the missing recipe for this game. The wait is over, you guys can now play another amazing game because Diablo 3 is boring and those Paragon levels are a half assed way to bring ‘endgame content.’

But why must all these great games release at the same time? I mean, Borderlands 2 is ONLY releasing 2 days before Torchlight 2. Least not forget I still am playing Guild Wars 2 and need to make time to play Darksiders 2 as well as Sleeping Dogs. But I can say it’s a good thing I hit 80 in Guild Wars 2 😉 I won’t have the grievance of missing out on leveling.

Who’s ready for some adventure? Count me in for one in Torchlight II on September 20, 2012!

Click here to watch the Torchlight II launch trailer in high definition.


The Walking Dead a Comic, TV Series, and Now a Video Game?

Did anyone catch the season finale of The Walking Dead last Sunday? Jesus Christ, that episode was AWESOME. I’m already looking forward to Fall. But before I continue, please put emphasis on this note:

******** SPOILER ALERT ********* do not proceed if you are currently watching The Walking Dead and aren’t caught up to Season 2’s finale. You have been warned!

I really love the transformation of both Rick and Andrea. Andrea decided to step up the plate by manning up and grabbing a pistol. Rick, has definitely walked the path to become a badass. After last night’s episode it is say to say he’s fed up with the entire group’s bullshit as he gave his delightful ‘rictatorship’ speech. What’s even more fascinating is that they have discovered a new location – the prison cells which will be the home and base for these survivors in Season 3. I’m so glad they featured a new character who will be the ultimate badass – Michonne. Michonne was the Samurai sword wielding shrouded figure with her 2 zombie minions chained to her. What a true badass right? I can’t wait until Season 3. That said, with a comic already and TV series, it’s safe to say we saw this coming from a mile away.

Telltale has acquired a new project that will turn our favorite comic/TV show into a cel shading video game. That’s right – they debuted the teaser trailer last week. Fortunately this week we can finally catch the first trailer ever. Will Telltale be able to tell the same epic apocalyptic story as the comic and TV show? Or will it be a huge disappoint to The Walking Dead series? We won’t know until later down the road in 2012. For the moment, please sit back and enjoy this trailer.

Click here to watch The Walking Dead trailer.

Long Live the Triforce!

Happy Halloween everyone! Enjoy this exclusive origins trailer of Zelda: Skyward Sword to see how it all adds up to Ocarina of Time. But a Link to the Past is still my number 1!

Click here to watch the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Origins Trailer.

Opening Ceremony for Diablo III @BlizzCon 2011

If you guys haven’t checked this trailer out yet, it’s not too late! BlizzCon concluded as of yesterday. But I will be going over all the details that were announced at the show soon. So stay tuned! In the mean time, you guys can enjoy some amazing CGI trailer produced by Blizzard. Here is the opening cinematic of Diablo III which was featured at the event as an opening for announcing Diablo III news and updates.

Click here to watch the Black Soulstone Diablo III Cinematic Trailer in HD.

Updates on Diablo III

Today was the first day of BlizzCon 2011: Oct.21-22 at Anaheim Convention Center. I checked it out and it was pretty awesome checking out the booths and seeing people who enjoy cos-playing. It was a long day but here are the details starting first with Diablo III.

Blizzard is now offering a special deal to give World of Warcraft players a reason to never walk away from their prolonged MMO game and services. If players purchase the WoW annual pass (12 month commitment) they will be rewarded with a free digital copy of Diablo III via As an added perk for addicted WoW players, they will receive Tyrael’s Charger Flying Mount, and VIP access to the next WoW expansion beta test. The only restriction is that you must have a enough money to pay up front and a registered copy of World of Warcraft on or before October 18, 2011.

Aside from that tempting offering to persuade WoW players to stay committed and trapped in the world of Azeroth, there is still no official release date for Diablo III. However, this time Blizzard unveils details of the Collector’s Edition.

Here’s what you can expect to get:

  1. Copy of Diablo III
  2. Diablo Skull
  3. Exclusive in-game content for 3 games (D3 gets aesthetic artifacts/ WoW gets Fetish Shaman pet/ SC2 gets moar portraits)
  4. 4GB USB key (includes Diablo II and Lord of Destruction preinstalled)
  5. Original game soundtrack
  6. Blu-ray disc set of making Diablo III

All we need to know now is the launch date and price of the Collector’s Edition.

Also, if you want to see photos @Blizzcon you can check them out at NZXT. Corp’s Facebook page! NZXT is a PC hardware computer that specializes in chassis. They always do giveaways and contests on their Facebook page. You guys should ‘Like‘ their page on Facebook if you want a chance to win some great SWAG for your PC. I highly recommend it 🙂

For more details, click here.