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2012 Year of the Dragonborn

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! 2012 marks the year of the Dragon – a year for all true Dragonborns to unite and celebrate. Luckily, I myself, is a true dragonborn since this is my year and it is my birth right 🙂 Here’s another EXCELLENT clip of a FUS RO DAH moment. Truly a video Dovahkiin’s around the world can appreciate. Enjoy guys and have a great 2012 ^^

Click here to watch FUS RO DAH in live action.


A Video Dovahkiin Can Truly Appreciate

I finally finished the main quest line for Skyrim. I must say, it was pretty legendary to battle against Alduin – the World Eater. But I still haven’t reached level cap yet. I’m at lvl 43 ;( Here’s a video you all will enjoy if you are truly the Dovahkiin. Enjoy the video guys as well as the rest of your busy weekend 😀

Click here to prove that you are a Dovahkiin.

Novice Craftsman’s Guide to Skyrim

Are you having a difficult time mastering your trade skills in Skyrim? Have no fear, here is a quick run down covering the 3 fundamental skills your character needs to get through the world of Skyrim. As a bonus, you may receive extra coin on the side as well as many level up’s. This is the best way to beef up your talent tree and get closer to the level cap. Let me know if you guys think these guides are useful! I will be using this as well for my high elf mage. So far I’m at lvl 28 🙂

  • Alchemy guide – full list of recipes and skill tree
  • Enchanting guide – tips on how-to master the arcane arts as well as creating remedies
  • Smithing guide – tips on how to quickly max out your Blacksmithing and make some extra coin on the side 😉

11.11.11 – Dragon Slaying Day!

And the world is awesome once again, my internet is finally fixed and back to 100%! Thank you Time Warner for the multiple trips to troubleshoot my cable lines 🙂 I went to the midnight release for Skyrim! It was quite the experience – the people outside in line were not your usual crowd. They were the Dungeons and Dragons crowd no doubt. But it was nice being surrounded by a new environment until midnight. I was really happy when I was able to take my leave from Gamestop with my copy of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in my hand. I was #29 ^^

I just started playing Skyrim last night! I made a High Elf mage. She’s kinda ugly but it’s not the looks that count. It’s the power that rests inside 😉 So far, Skyrim is quite addicting. I never knew hunting dragons could be so much fun. But I have no regrets for skipping out on the Collector’s Edition. If you are still contemplating on whether or not you will enjoy this game, took a look at this review from Gametrailers. It will definitely speed up the decision-making process. Whatever your outcome may be, I hope you will do the right thing and get Skyrim after checking out the video review. I promise, this game is awesome and worth every dollar spent. I stand by my games 😉

Click here to watch Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim review in HD.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is Near

The countdown to Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is only a matter of weeks. Dragon season is IN – who’s up for hunting ancient dragons? Today isn’t 11/11 yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a live action trailer of Skyrim!

Click here to watch the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Live Action Trailer.

Is the Wasteland of Rage Worth Exploring?

Still debating whether or not you want to enter the wasteland of Rage? Hopefully this review will help you reach a decision upon this great game! I already picked my pre-order up the day of its release. I’m just juggling through this and Gears of War. I still need to pre-order my N7 Collector’s Edition of Mass Effect 3. Enjoy this awesome review from Gametrailers!

Click here to watch RAGE Review in hi-def.

Lonesome Road DLC Review HD

Contemplating on whether or not you want to purchase the latest DLC pack Lonesome Road for Fallout: New Vegas? Check out this video review from Gametrailers that will go over in details of the Lonesome Road. It will definitely help you out on the decision process and determine if this DLC is worthy of your dollar bills 🙂 For me, I decided to skip this pack. I’m reserving my credits for Dark Souls, Rage, and other games!

Click here to watch the Fallout: New:Vegas: Lonesome Road DLC in hi-def.