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Dragon Age 3 Incoming Late 2k13

It’s official – the sequel has been announced by BioWare today. With the canceled DLC’s for DA2, BioWare has been hard at work responding to angry Dragon Age fans that were more than disappointed with the outcome of DA2’s storyline. BioWare promises that player feedback have been heavily considered with the upcoming sequel. Will the team correct the lackluster of Dragon Age 2’s choices and storyline? If they succeed in recapturing the essence of Origin, then we’ll know they have done a tremendous job over the past 2 years taking all die hard fan’s feedback and criticisms to produce a sequel that does the franchise justice. I guess we will never know until the day the game releases.

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Is Earth worth saving? Or should it fall into oblivion? Be the Judge of this Mass Effect 3 Review!

3.6.12 couldn’t be any sweeter. I picked up  my Collector’s Edition of Mass Effect 3 at Gamestop. Unfortunately, I also pre-ordered another game on the spot. I’ll be picking up a copy of Resident Evil Raccoon City as well later this month. Hopefully I will not be disappointed like Resident Evil 5! I couldn’t bear to play past the first boss fight. There was nothing exciting to look forward to.

But let’s move on with the good. Mass Effect 3’s marketing is quite effective. First came along the multiple trailers, pre-order bonuses with almost any type of purchases that was from Bioware, and then they sponsored commercial debuts during my FAVORITE TV show – The Walking Dead. EA and Bioware has done a remarkable job. Their marketing efforts have not gone to waste. Especially with their Space Edition copies if you know what I mean. After playing the demo 2 weeks before release, I was convinced that ME3 would not be a let down. If you don’t believe me, you can also check out the video review published by GameTrailers. There’s so much to look forward to if you’re a returning ME fan: meeting new characters, reuniting with familiar faces, rekindling romance, and best of all seeing all your choices/decision-making carry over since the first Mass Effect. What more could a fan want? Why of course – an epic final last stand for humanity and the galaxy. Need I say more? Just purchase the game if you played the first and second. If you haven’t indulged in the Mass Effect universe, I strongly suggest trying out the series. You will not be disappointed (unless you have no soul) 😉

By the way, if I haven’t been active on my blog it’s because I’m busy saving the galaxy from the Reapers.

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Mass Effect 3 is Better With Kinect

Anyone out there picking up a copy of Mass Effect 3 for the Xbox 360? If you also own a Kinect, you should really read this article then. This is your guide to all the voice commands you can utilize ingame while you’re stuck in a heated battle between the Reapers and Cerberus in a life or death situation. It’s so intense that you just don’t want to pause for a few seconds to order your squad mates to use their special abilities. Instead, you can easily command your squad using this list Microsoft created that will be your cheat sheet for giving out orders to your team via Kinect. View it, save it, print it out – hey it’s yours to keep. Let me know if you guys actually dig the Kinect! I’m not big on the whole voice system like Siri and all that BS. But for ME3, it makes a lot of sense and sometimes you just can’t afford to put a heated battle on pause.

Kinect Voice Command Cheat Sheet:

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Mass Effect 3 Extended Take Back Earth Trailer

Bioware’s marketing efforts aren’t going to waste with this latest cinematic release. The world premiere of the Take Back Earth trailer made its debut during a new episode of The Walking Dead (my one and only FAVORITE TV show). What’s better than The Walking Dead and Mass Effect 3? Probably being able to play the final production instead of the demo. This cinematic trailer is definitely worth watching. I watched it 5 times already and I still get goosebumps. I can’t help but also feel regretful about what happened back at Virmire after seeing Ashley return in this trailer. She looks TOTALLY different than she did in the first Mass Effect. It’s almost like Bioware decided to give her a makeover entirely – which is for the better since she looks absolutely gorgeous in the CGI trailer. Honestly, even with her beauty she was certainly lacking charm. She was rather racist (no different than Ceberus IMO) and annoying overall. I HAD to let her go. Oh well, but at least I have Kaidan 🙂

If you guys haven’t downloaded the demo yet, what exactly are you waiting for?! I played the demo last week and it was awesome. Especially the single player mode as it brought back a combined gameplay feel from part 1 and 2 along with something new. The combat system is extremely responsive and versatile. The melee enhancement really goes along way to improve up close encounters. Those who enjoy going Rambo status will certainly appreciate the Omniblade 😉 Just be sure to not run wild and take cover often if you are playing a higher difficulty – like insane mode.

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Debut of FemShep’s Mass Effect 3 Trailer

It’s official guys – the default FemShep has been revealed and this is her debut appearance in the new Mass Effect 3 trailer! As many of you can recall, her new look was based on the results of the Facebook polls (supposedly) voiced by fans of the series. Particularly by those who enjoy the female Shepard better than her male counterpart. Of course FemShep’s popularity isn’t based off her gender, but rather the voice actor behind her role – Jennifer Hale. Jennifer Hale is incredible and she makes the female Commander Shepard believable as a character and War Hero.

I’m really not sold into this new look. There was nothing wrong with the default appearance Bioware set for FemShep in the original Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. I’m very disappointed with the direction they went with her appearance. I mean REALLY, does she have to be a true ginger with red hair and freckles? Worst part is that the red hair wasn’t the original victor of the pool. The blonde version was the one that yielded the most votes. Anyways, I’m keeping the my FemShep the way she is because she looks 5x better than the one Bioware ‘officially’ created.

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Fortify Your 360 From the Reapers Invasion

Calibur11 has done it again, by bringing some sweet armor to your Xbox 360 using your favorite video game appeal. Now you guys do more than fending off Reapers in game, as you can fortify your Xbox 360 with Calibur11’s latest Mass Effect 3 Vault.

The Vault is designed after Commander Shepard’s N7 chest armor. The N7 logo is composed of two mode LED. You also get the controller cradle which can harness your headset if you already have a place to set aside your controller. As a bonus, anyone who purchases this will score a ‘Limited Edition DLC’ which grants in game items for Multiplayer. I really saw that in game item incentive coming. It seems as though anything you purchase for Mass Effect 3 comes with a code ( except buying their T-Shirts 😦 ). I actually do own one of these Vaults but it’s Gears of War 3. The Gears of War 3 Vault is really sweet and I LOVE how it pulsates to in game activities. It doesn’t react only to Gears of War 3, but even when I was playing Skyrim I noticed it pulsing to spells or when I was engaged in a fight. But anyways, what I’m trying to say is that these Vault cases for the 360 are neat and worth buying if you are a die hard fan of a certain video game franchise. The Battlefield 3 version looks awesome as well. This Mass Effect 3 Vault, I’m not sure what the designer was thinking. I’d rather see the Normandy instead or a rifle. I guess it’s OKAY. However, Gears of War 3 and Battelfield 3 are the ones I would recommend. Like I said, if you are crazy in love with Mass Effect 3, you should get one of these Vaults for your 360.

The Mass Effect 3 Vault will be available on March 1, 2012 and cost $90.

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Mass Effect 3 Voice Cast Trailer

Curious about the voice behind your favorite Mass Effect character? Check out this voice cast trailer in HD to see the actor behind your favorite ME personality. You’ll be in for a surprise, as the trailer introduces new cast members who will meet you in Mass Effect 3 as you take a stand to take back the galaxy once and for all. Jennifer Hale is simply amazing! Her voice acting for the female Commander Shepard contributes to why I really love and enjoy the entire Mass Effect series. Aside from her, my favorite squad mate would be Liara as she was there since the very beginning of the Reaper invasion. However, I can’t believe they cast Jessica Chobot as a character in this game. The modeling for her just looks awkward. She kind of comes off like Snookie from Jersey Shore. Same can be said about Freddie Prinze Jr’s character – Vega. Hopefully the game will be just as great even with the odd characters added.

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