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Happy Wheels is Violently Addicting

I have never been a fan of flash games in my life. But ever since I stumbled upon Jim Bonachhi’s creation of Happy Wheels, it’s difficult to not enjoy this blood symphony! Happy Wheels is the perfect game for when you have a moment to kill time. Trust me, sometimes you just can’t get enough of this awesome game. The physics are quite entertaining as they are gruesome and filled with gore! Oh YEAH – more blood more fun! Watch your character’s limb fly across the maps as you try desperately to reach the finish line of the map. Characters you can play as in this game are filled with personality as well. All maps in Happy Wheels are levels created by the community who plays this game. Most maps are well made. They can be anywhere from Pokemon maps, Slenderman, Amnesia, Dead Space, Lord of the Rings, to Minecraft. Anything these fans enjoy pretty much exists on the map database.

My favorite game types are: Bottle run, rope swing, sword throw, impossible maps, and jetfall maps.

Some notable maps to mention are:

  1. Toilet Adventure 2!
  2. Dead Space HD
  3. Slenderman HD
  4. Haunted Mansion 2 (there’s a part 3 and 4)
  5. Pokemon Gym

My greatest advice – Give Happy Wheels a shot! This game is free and doesn’t require you to install any files. It’s so simple, like 1-2-3. If you’re not convinced, check out this amazing video from PewDiePie. He’s one of my favorite YouTube directors (yes this is very limited my list).


Click here to play Happy Wheels.


Share Your Addiction With That Special Someone In Minecraft

Everyone loves BOGO (buy 1 get 1 free) deals. But would you have imagined that there would be an applicable BOGO deal for addicts of Minecraft? Consider this weekend as a reason for celebrations as the creator of Minecraft is getting married. To show his enthusiasm, he wanted to share his joy with all his fans. Notch is granting a free gift code to anyone who decides to purchase Minecraft this weekend. Now you can spread your addiction to your loved ones!