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Immerse the Wilder Side of Pandora for Treasure Vaults

As of yesterday, Borderlands 2 is officially released! The long awaited sequel has finally arrived to all gaming platforms. I picked up my pre-ordered copy yesterday at Gamestop. But I haven’t had a chance to journey back to Pandora just yet. I will later today though. I was wrapping up my instance farming in Twilight Arbor for the Nightmare Staff in Guild Wars 2. Might I say, the animation is pretty sweet indeed. One my Necromancer certainly approves of!

Anyways, the thought of juggling Borderlands 2 and Guild Wars 2 at the same time seems overwhelming. But I can time manage both. If you haven’t played the first Borderlands, I highly recommend doing so first before diving into the sequel. The UI has changed drastically compared to the first. It has been updated and improved for the better. Same goes for the talent trees as you now can earn Badass points which yield custom stats such as faster reload times or extra crit damage. Gearbox has done an outstanding job improving the few downfalls of Borderlands. Basically, the main point was that they shifted all focus on offering BAJILLION unique guns to give us a vast, ever-changing environment and mob diversification so that we can enjoy Borderland 2’s gameplay in all its glory. Treasure hunters will not be disappointed in this sequel. If you’re not convinced, check out this awesome video review from Gametrailers to persuade you into buying this game now!

Click here to watch the Borderlands 2 video review in high-definition.


Launch Date Set For Torchlight II

Brace yourselves dungeon dwellers, Torchlight II’s launch date is finally set! On September 20th, we’ll all be able to pick up a copy of this amazing title. I’ve been awaiting this release for the longest time. During the Steam Summer Sale, I would always check out Torchlight II and it would say ‘Coming this Summer.’ Well, summer has been over not so long ago. They fooled us into thinking it would be available by the end of August. But I guess a fall release isn’t so bad. I’ll take it! I was able to test this sequel out during beta. Let’s just say this game did not disappoint as 5 hours went by so fast in one sitting. I eventually completed the beta was left wanting more. Almost to say ‘that’s it?!’ The multiplayer feature also makes this game 5x more enjoyable. Certainly was something the first was lacking. But Runic Games was awesome enough to listen and give the fans what they thought was the missing recipe for this game. The wait is over, you guys can now play another amazing game because Diablo 3 is boring and those Paragon levels are a half assed way to bring ‘endgame content.’

But why must all these great games release at the same time? I mean, Borderlands 2 is ONLY releasing 2 days before Torchlight 2. Least not forget I still am playing Guild Wars 2 and need to make time to play Darksiders 2 as well as Sleeping Dogs. But I can say it’s a good thing I hit 80 in Guild Wars 2 πŸ˜‰ I won’t have the grievance of missing out on leveling.

Who’s ready for some adventure? Count me in for one in Torchlight II on September 20, 2012!

Click here to watch the Torchlight II launch trailer in high definition.

Castle Crashers Invading Steam Soon

Finally –Β Behemoth’s ever so popular Castle Crashers on XBLA will now be available for PC via Steam soon. There has been no official release date yet. But at least there’s a confirmation that PC players can enjoy this awesome hack and slash hit wonder that Xbox had the luxury of for all these years. Although I beat this game on several playthroughs for the 360, I’m really tempted to play this again on PC with friends.

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Revisiting Emergence Day

We’re getting closer to the release date of the next Gears of War 3 DLC. RAAM’s Shadow will easily add 3 hours of gameplay to the action-packed campaign for you and your +1’s. We can now finally revisit the events of Emergence Day in this latest DLC. In addition to more gameplay hours, we will be able to revisit characters from the past. I know one thing is certain – I really missed being able to play as Lt. Kim and Tai. They were both my favorite characters to play in multi-player. I’m so glad they are back in the final series (even if it’s a short appearance) πŸ˜‰ Aside from reuniting with old friends, there will be 2 added COG members to play as: Alicia Valera and Michael Barrick (from the Gears comic). Did I also mention you can also play both sides? You can now see the POV of both sides – good and evil as you transition within the story between the COG and Locust opposing factions.Who’s ready to find out what exactly unraveled during E-day?

RAAM’s Shadow comes out on 12/13/11 priced at $15.00 (1200 Microsoft points).

Click here to watch the preview of the Gears of War 3: RAAM’s Shadow DLC in hi-def.

Buy BF3 and Get into ME3 Multiplayer Beta

If you’re one of the gamers purchasing Battlefield 3 on October 25th such as myself, you will automatically be able to play the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer demo in January. Isn’t that awesome? We get dibs on testing out ‘Galaxy at War’ – Mass Effect 3’s brand new multiplayer mode which is also a first ever for this franchise! Maybe now you will give into buying Battlefield 3 if you’ve been contemplating for awhile. Even if you do not buy BF3, everyone gets the same opportunity to try out the single player campaign demo when it comes out πŸ™‚

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Gears of War 3’s Next DLC Announced

Epic Games 1Ups my anticipation with news of the following DLC after the Horde command pack. We now get a chance to experience events of Sera post-Emergence Day from the perspective of RAAM from the Locust faction.

This will be one of the largest DLC’s Epic Games has ever released which offers additional gameplay of more than 3 hours + to the campaign. In addition, we will revisit familiar faces that we encoutnered during the fight for humanity in the previous installments of Gears of War 1 and 2. These familiar faces consist of Lt. Minh Kim and Tai Kaliso. Both of these characters were actually my favorites of all time! I used to play both skins in Gears of War 2. I mean afterall, Lt. Minh Kim is representing my people πŸ˜‰ Besides reintroducing us to familiar faces, there will also be a new character featured which is another female named Alicia Valera.

RAAM’s Shadow DLC will be available on December 13 priced at $15.00 (1200 Microsoft points). This DLC pack will add 6 new multiplayer characters, Chocolate weapon skin set, and additional 250 Gamerscore.

For those of you who ordered the Season Pass (such as myself), you won’t have to worry about the price. All you have to do is add it to your queue and download it on 12/13/11.

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Rumors Confirmed: Multiplayer Coming to Mass Effect 3

INCOMING March 6 – Fight along side with your friends in the battle for taking back earth! That’s right, those rumors have some truth to it after all for Mass Effect 3. There will definitely be an online co-op mode featured. This will be sort of like co-op multiplayer missions up to 4 players. Sorry lads, there will be no versus mode for the battle of who’s the superior Commander Shepard πŸ˜› Β The full details have not been provided. But at least we know there will be multiplayer for Mass Effect 3. I can’t wait until they update us more with the entire information!

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