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Immerse the Wilder Side of Pandora for Treasure Vaults

As of yesterday, Borderlands 2 is officially released! The long awaited sequel has finally arrived to all gaming platforms. I picked up my pre-ordered copy yesterday at Gamestop. But I haven’t had a chance to journey back to Pandora just yet. I will later today though. I was wrapping up my instance farming in Twilight Arbor for the Nightmare Staff in Guild Wars 2. Might I say, the animation is pretty sweet indeed. One my Necromancer certainly approves of!

Anyways, the thought of juggling Borderlands 2 and Guild Wars 2 at the same time seems overwhelming. But I can time manage both. If you haven’t played the first Borderlands, I highly recommend doing so first before diving into the sequel. The UI has changed drastically compared to the first. It has been updated and improved for the better. Same goes for the talent trees as you now can earn Badass points which yield custom stats such as faster reload times or extra crit damage. Gearbox has done an outstanding job improving the few downfalls of Borderlands. Basically, the main point was that they shifted all focus on offering BAJILLION unique guns to give us a vast, ever-changing environment and mob diversification so that we can enjoy Borderland 2’s gameplay in all its glory. Treasure hunters will not be disappointed in this sequel. If you’re not convinced, check out this awesome video review from Gametrailers to persuade you into buying this game now!

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Dragon Age 3 Incoming Late 2k13

It’s official – the sequel has been announced by BioWare today. With the canceled DLC’s for DA2, BioWare has been hard at work responding to angry Dragon Age fans that were more than disappointed with the outcome of DA2’s storyline. BioWare promises that player feedback have been heavily considered with the upcoming sequel. Will the team correct the lackluster of Dragon Age 2’s choices and storyline? If they succeed in recapturing the essence of Origin, then we’ll know they have done a tremendous job over the past 2 years taking all die hard fan’s feedback and criticisms to produce a sequel that does the franchise justice. I guess we will never know until the day the game releases.

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Survival 101 on Rook Island

Far Cry 3 is approaching soon. Have you been following on the news for this upcoming blockbuster sequel? Will you be able to escape the desolate island this winter?

Check out the latest trailer featured for Far Cry 3. Survival on Rook Island can be simple as long as you keep moving. Don’t fall under the predator’s prey. Be wary on these islands. It may not be as peaceful and relaxing as it seems.

Click here to watch ‘Welcome to Rook Island’ trailer in high-def.

Far Cry 3 Gameplay Trailer, Violently Brilliant

What’s better than drugs, graphic violence, and more violence? Far Cry 3 of course! It’s about time we can look forward to the next installment of the Far Cry series. That’s right, Far Cry 3 is currently underway as we can anticipate the release of this upcoming game sometime this year. As a sign of proof that Far Cry 3 is in the works, Ubisoft has released the first gameplay trailer that will cater to anyone’s Vicarious taste for violence and brutal punishment. After all, it’s no fun unless there’s blood shed. We’re not going to stop until the blood finishes flowing. Get ready to be a sneaky son-of-a-bitch with the nickname McStabby (or at least that’s what I would call myself) in Far Cry 3. Enjoy the trailer guys!

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Darkness Prevails on PC

Death is all around us. First it began on the PS3, who lucked out and received exclusivity over Demon Souls. Next was the Xbox 360 successfully getting Dark Souls on their platform (F*K yeah!). Now, PC Gamers may experience the same luck with this awesome series. Rumor has it that Dark Souls will be receiving a port onto the PC. But that has yet to become official. Once Namco makes this game possible on PC, nobody would be left in the dark with bitterness. It’s a win win situation for anyone who’s been wanting to play Dark Souls on multiple platforms. This PC port may be released sometime this year.

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The Walking Dead a Comic, TV Series, and Now a Video Game?

Did anyone catch the season finale of The Walking Dead last Sunday? Jesus Christ, that episode was AWESOME. I’m already looking forward to Fall. But before I continue, please put emphasis on this note:

******** SPOILER ALERT ********* do not proceed if you are currently watching The Walking Dead and aren’t caught up to Season 2’s finale. You have been warned!

I really love the transformation of both Rick and Andrea. Andrea decided to step up the plate by manning up and grabbing a pistol. Rick, has definitely walked the path to become a badass. After last night’s episode it is say to say he’s fed up with the entire group’s bullshit as he gave his delightful ‘rictatorship’ speech. What’s even more fascinating is that they have discovered a new location – the prison cells which will be the home and base for these survivors in Season 3. I’m so glad they featured a new character who will be the ultimate badass – Michonne. Michonne was the Samurai sword wielding shrouded figure with her 2 zombie minions chained to her. What a true badass right? I can’t wait until Season 3. That said, with a comic already and TV series, it’s safe to say we saw this coming from a mile away.

Telltale has acquired a new project that will turn our favorite comic/TV show into a cel shading video game. That’s right – they debuted the teaser trailer last week. Fortunately this week we can finally catch the first trailer ever. Will Telltale be able to tell the same epic apocalyptic story as the comic and TV show? Or will it be a huge disappoint to The Walking Dead series? We won’t know until later down the road in 2012. For the moment, please sit back and enjoy this trailer.

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Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning Review

WOW, I never would have thought such a low profile game would be so awesome. After downloading the demo with only one incentive – to unlock an armor set in Mass Effect 3; I’d have to say this game has a lot of potential. What really impressed me about this game is how responsive the combat system is. There’s no delay and your character’s moves are very on point. On top of that, you have the freedom to decide whatever spec or hybrid build you want to pursue. This is similar to the talent tree in Skyrim where you can be an assassin with magic or a mage wielding a blade with a bow. To sum it all up, this game plays like a single player World of Warcraft (which really blows me away!). This game is definitely worth considering and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to expand their RPG playlist. I haven’t bought the retail copy yet. Still waiting for it to go on sale in the $40-20 range. I’ve been spending too much money lately on games and getting the new iPad 😦 If you’re not convinced by me, you guys can check out GameTrailer’s review.

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