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Launch Date Set For Torchlight II

Brace yourselves dungeon dwellers, Torchlight II’s launch date is finally set! On September 20th, we’ll all be able to pick up a copy of this amazing title. I’ve been awaiting this release for the longest time. During the Steam Summer Sale, I would always check out Torchlight II and it would say ‘Coming this Summer.’ Well, summer has been over not so long ago. They fooled us into thinking it would be available by the end of August. But I guess a fall release isn’t so bad. I’ll take it! I was able to test this sequel out during beta. Let’s just say this game did not disappoint as 5 hours went by so fast in one sitting. I eventually completed the beta was left wanting more. Almost to say ‘that’s it?!’ The multiplayer feature also makes this game 5x more enjoyable. Certainly was something the first was lacking. But Runic Games was awesome enough to listen and give the fans what they thought was the missing recipe for this game. The wait is over, you guys can now play another amazing game because Diablo 3 is boring and those Paragon levels are a half assed way to bring ‘endgame content.’

But why must all these great games release at the same time? I mean, Borderlands 2 is ONLY releasing 2 days before Torchlight 2. Least not forget I still am playing Guild Wars 2 and need to make time to play Darksiders 2 as well as Sleeping Dogs. But I can say it’s a good thing I hit 80 in Guild Wars 2 😉 I won’t have the grievance of missing out on leveling.

Who’s ready for some adventure? Count me in for one in Torchlight II on September 20, 2012!

Click here to watch the Torchlight II launch trailer in high definition.


Black Friday Madness

I hope everyone’s getting their Thanksgiving fix with all the great food and savings this weekend! If you haven’t heard yet, Steam’s been doing an Autumn Sale since 11/23 on a good amount of titles. Tomorrow will be your last opportunity to seize the savings on Steam. Don’t forget to check back tomorrow to see what games will be available at super discounted prices.

Here are the highlights for day four:

  • The Witcher 2
  • Limbo
  • Rage
  • Civilization V
  • The entire Fear collection: Fear 1-3

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Just Can’t Get Enough of Portal 2

Are you obsessed with Portal 1 and 2? Do you already own a companion cube? Well, it’s time to expand your Portal collection. The Portal turrets are now officially transformed into a huggable object! Yes, this was made possible due to all the wonderful positive feedback filled with excitement and joy over homemade turrets. These adorable turrets will be available for you to snuggle in December. HINT: this will be the ideal Christmas gift for the beloved Portal fan in your life!

OH did I mention – it has the ability to speak and detect motion as well. This little plushie is pretty advanced for its size. It can be yours this holiday season for $29.99 at ThinkGeek.

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Updates on CS GO

Why if it isn’t the world’s most popular FPS – Counter Strike: Global Offensive receives more updates! The latest news on CS GO is that Valve is using the aid of modders to officially implement the addicting ‘Gun Game’ as part of the multiplayer features. Instead of the unofficial name of Gun Game, Valve will be addressing it as ‘Arsenal’ mode. Arsenal mode is easily defined as an arms race with an addition of 8 maps to lengthen your playlist.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Debut Trailer

Remember the announcement of a new updated Counter-Strike incoming 2012? Well here is the debut trailer @PAX! The music sucks, but we are exposed to a dark secret: CS:GO will be cross platform! What does cross platform mean? Players on their PC, Mac, or PS3 will be playing against one another (Xbox 360 has yet to be confirmed atm). Flame on fanboys! It will be the battle of the ultimate fanboys/fangirls: PC elitist vs the Mac lovers against the PS3 fanboys! Other than that, there’s nothing spectacular to see. I wished they would have featured the molotov cocktails. But hey, I’m sure the next video that comes out will feature more new badass implementations and other weapons?

Click here to watch Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Debut Trailer.

Best Pre-Order Bonus EVER!

WOW Deus Ex: Human Revolution is offering one of the sweetest pre-order bonus ever! If you happened to pre-order this game on Steam, you will receive a special item set: the Manno-Technology bundle. This set comes fully loaded with crazy cool bionic arms, a couple of hats, and awesome weapons all themed after Deus Ex! One of the awesome weapons I’m talking about is the Widowmaker for example, that you never have to reload. Yes, I mean NEVER! Also, that crazy cool bionic arm is specifically for the Heavy. If you haven’t pre-ordered Deus Ex yet and enjoy playing TF2, you should reserve a copy on Steam for the best of both worlds. It’s like a match made in heaven.

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Get In Dota 2 Beta Now!

If you haven’t heard the great news yet, it’s still not too late. Register to get beta access to DOTA 2 now! Signing up is simple. Go to Dota 2 page, sign into your Steam account through the page, and then click ‘Get on the List’. You’ll be most likely guaranteed to get enlisted if you sign up now. However, we aren’t sure when beta will go live. But all that matters is that you’re in – right?

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