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Castle Crashers Invading Steam Soon

Finally – Behemoth’s ever so popular Castle Crashers on XBLA will now be available for PC via Steam soon. There has been no official release date yet. But at least there’s a confirmation that PC players can enjoy this awesome hack and slash hit wonder that Xbox had the luxury of for all these years. Although I beat this game on several playthroughs for the 360, I’m really tempted to play this again on PC with friends.

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The Baconing – COMING SOON

Deathspank fans now have something to look forward to – and real soon. As a matter of fact, The Baconing is coming, giving you a reason to revisit your downloadable title once again! This will be featured as a stand alone ARPG (action RPG) available on August 31 on all platforms. If you never played Deathspank, you can view a video game review to get up to date 🙂

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2012 – A Bright Future for Counter-Strike Fans

2012 is looking awesome so far with the announcement of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It will be an updated version continuing the legendary franchise that started since 1999. I used to stay up all night playing CS with all my friends and big brothers. This game was the best thing ever back in the day! It was the only reason why I ever went to those LAN centers/PC cafes. IMO 1.3 was the highlight of CS. 1.6 just got me slowly phased out of the series. Fortunately we have an updated version to look forward to after a long stagnant period.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will include new characters, weapons, and maps. Of course they will also feature classic maps such as my all-time favorite de_dust and de_dust2. But that’s not all – there will be different multi-player modes to choose from along with matchmaking options and other common features. We will also be able to go nuts with Molotov cocktail and decoy grenades. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is expected to be due early 2012 on Steam, XBLA, and PSN. I can’t wait until this comes out!

The best part is there will be a unique grenade called a ‘decoy’ which will confuse the opposing team into thinking there’s enemy fire.

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XBLA Gets Another Classic HD Make-Over Released

NES fans should all gather around together and rejoice! Why? It has been announced that Double Dragon 2: The Revenge will be coming to XBLA. This was another great classical game that I kept playing over and over again as a kid with my elder brothers. I loved this game so much! I’m super excited for this HD remedy that it will be receiving. However, the game will be titled ‘Wander of the Dragons.’ A rather awkward and unusual name but that’s usual for foreign titles right? It just screams foreign born IMO! Double Dragon 2 will be developed by a Korean studio called ‘Barunson Interactive’. Furthermore, this game is expected to go live sometime in September. It will be priced at $15.

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The Volatile Splosion Man Strikes Back!

Ms. Splosion Man Review

Twisted Pixel – POWERED BY BEARD; has placed us in a race against speed and time once again. Only this time, it involves an agile fiery female counterpart. She is Ms. Splosion Man with an obsession of pop music and shoes. Unfortunately she is quite hideous and many would grow tiresome of her annoying voice. Priced at 800 Microsoft points, it makes the value of the game rather explosive and allows us to continue to enjoy sploding alone or with friends in Ms. Splosion Man! Be sure to watch the review!

XBLA Summer of Arcade Lineup 2011

XBLA Summer of Arcade 2011

It’s that time of the year again! One of the best things to look forward to during the summer time if you ask me. Click here to view the list in full detail of what discounts Microsoft has in store for Xbox Live Arcade. The deals go live on July 20, 2011. Don’t miss out!