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Immerse the Wilder Side of Pandora for Treasure Vaults

As of yesterday, Borderlands 2 is officially released! The long awaited sequel has finally arrived to all gaming platforms. I picked up my pre-ordered copy yesterday at Gamestop. But I haven’t had a chance to journey back to Pandora just yet. I will later today though. I was wrapping up my instance farming in Twilight Arbor for the Nightmare Staff in Guild Wars 2. Might I say, the animation is pretty sweet indeed. One my Necromancer certainly approves of!

Anyways, the thought of juggling Borderlands 2 and Guild Wars 2 at the same time seems overwhelming. But I can time manage both. If you haven’t played the first Borderlands, I highly recommend doing so first before diving into the sequel. The UI has changed drastically compared to the first. It has been updated and improved for the better. Same goes for the talent trees as you now can earn Badass points which yield custom stats such as faster reload times or extra crit damage. Gearbox has done an outstanding job improving the few downfalls of Borderlands. Basically, the main point was that they shifted all focus on offering BAJILLION unique guns to give us a vast, ever-changing environment and mob diversification so that we can enjoy Borderland 2’s gameplay in all its glory. Treasure hunters will not be disappointed in this sequel. If you’re not convinced, check out this awesome video review from Gametrailers to persuade you into buying this game now!

Click here to watch the Borderlands 2 video review in high-definition.


Survival 101 on Rook Island

Far Cry 3 is approaching soon. Have you been following on the news for this upcoming blockbuster sequel? Will you be able to escape the desolate island this winter?

Check out the latest trailer featured for Far Cry 3. Survival on Rook Island can be simple as long as you keep moving. Don’t fall under the predator’s prey. Be wary on these islands. It may not be as peaceful and relaxing as it seems.

Click here to watch ‘Welcome to Rook Island’ trailer in high-def.

It’s HERE – CoD: MW3 Review

And the verdict is…

Entirely subjective based upon your opinion. If you are a hardcore, die-hard CoD fan, then absolutely this game was worth your money. However, if you’re not then I think you should pass up on this title. Certainly it does come off to be an expensive Modern Warfare 2.5 – not 3. You be the judge after this review. I stand by my decision – I’m stoked for Skyrim ^^ 11.11 is just around the corner!

To watch the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 review in HD, click here.

Multiple Platform BF3 Comparison

Here’s the start of something beautiful. Here is another one of Gametrailer’s controversial videos of comparing 3 systems side by side using the Xbox 360, PC, and PS3. Of course whenever a video such as this is produced, it starts a huge flame war between the three rival platforms. Obviously, this video leaves you to cast your own judgment and remarks. But if you ask me, there is no significant difference aside from the fact that Xbox 360 wins by my vote! The only games I would want to play on my PC would be Torchlight 2 or Diablo III (perhaps even Counter-Strike GO as well). Everything else will just be heading to my 360 since my Gamerscore seems quite meaningful and I always love earning more points. Achievements on other platforms just doesn’t share the same type of rewarding feeling that I get from my 360. Thank you Microsoft for making achievements feel like an accomplishment worth trying for.

Btw, one good thing to note about the major difference between consoles and PC is the multiplayer experience. The scaling and size of the capacity a server can maintain on a PC is obviously more than what a console can handle. PC’s will have 64 total players in a single match, whereas the consoles can only hold up to 32 (in reference of BF3). Oh, and please do not bring up MAG as a good counter measure for proving me wrong. That game was beyond terrible and labeled EPIC FAIL. Aside from amount of players each system can match up against, graphics are pretty much equal and on par with each other (enhancements can be made depending on your equipment. Invest in a high-end flat HDTV to beef up the look and feel of your console). The only significant difference is the frame rate.

Side note: I attended the Battlefield 3 midnight release. It was awesome! Thanks Gamestop for being so efficient at handling midnight releases. I was #74 😉

Click here to watch the Battlefield 3 system comparison video in HD.

Halo Anniversary Edition Is Kinect Enabled

Heroes never die. That’s why there will be a remastered edition of the Halo series that I’m sure most of you are already aware of. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary will be a HD makeover of the classic Halo game. The first was definitely revolutionary, as it made a significant impact on many games that followed after.

Just when we thought a remastered edition was cool enough by including 7 of the most popular multiplayer maps of the series, 343 Industries 1Ups the expectations with a special Kinect enabled feature that provides voice control support. Yes sure – that mention was not ground-breaking, but it is a feature that you can truly appreciate when you want to use voice commands for performing abilities such as reloading or tossing a nade. This is definitely a bonus for those of you that own a Kinect. I will be picking this up when I get more money 🙂

For more details, click here.

Featured Gameplay Walkthrough of GoldenEye 007 Reloaded

Remember the announcement that GoldenEye 007 was being remade and coming this fall season? Well, instead of staring at screenshots we now have gameplay footage we can all enjoy! Better yet, this clip features my favorite level of the game where you infiltrate the Russian weapons storage facility as a stealth mission. The infamous bathroom takedown was definitely my most memorable experience during the N64 days where GoldenEye 007 was super awesome as well as Mario Kart 🙂

Click here to watch GoldenEye 007 Reloaded Gameplay Walkthrough Stealth in hi-def.

Updates on CS GO

Why if it isn’t the world’s most popular FPS – Counter Strike: Global Offensive receives more updates! The latest news on CS GO is that Valve is using the aid of modders to officially implement the addicting ‘Gun Game’ as part of the multiplayer features. Instead of the unofficial name of Gun Game, Valve will be addressing it as ‘Arsenal’ mode. Arsenal mode is easily defined as an arms race with an addition of 8 maps to lengthen your playlist.

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