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Immerse the Wilder Side of Pandora for Treasure Vaults

As of yesterday, Borderlands 2 is officially released! The long awaited sequel has finally arrived to all gaming platforms. I picked up my pre-ordered copy yesterday at Gamestop. But I haven’t had a chance to journey back to Pandora just yet. I will later today though. I was wrapping up my instance farming in Twilight Arbor for the Nightmare Staff in Guild Wars 2. Might I say, the animation is pretty sweet indeed. One my Necromancer certainly approves of!

Anyways, the thought of juggling Borderlands 2 and Guild Wars 2 at the same time seems overwhelming. But I can time manage both. If you haven’t played the first Borderlands, I highly recommend doing so first before diving into the sequel. The UI has changed drastically compared to the first. It has been updated and improved for the better. Same goes for the talent trees as you now can earn Badass points which yield custom stats such as faster reload times or extra crit damage. Gearbox has done an outstanding job improving the few downfalls of Borderlands. Basically, the main point was that they shifted all focus on offering BAJILLION unique guns to give us a vast, ever-changing environment and mob diversification so that we can enjoy Borderland 2’s gameplay in all its glory. Treasure hunters will not be disappointed in this sequel. If you’re not convinced, check out this awesome video review from Gametrailers to persuade you into buying this game now!

Click here to watch the Borderlands 2 video review in high-definition.


Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning Review

WOW, I never would have thought such a low profile game would be so awesome. After downloading the demo with only one incentive – to unlock an armor set in Mass Effect 3; I’d have to say this game has a lot of potential. What really impressed me about this game is how responsive the combat system is. There’s no delay and your character’s moves are very on point. On top of that, you have the freedom to decide whatever spec or hybrid build you want to pursue. This is similar to the talent tree in Skyrim where you can be an assassin with magic or a mage wielding a blade with a bow. To sum it all up, this game plays like a single player World of Warcraft (which really blows me away!). This game is definitely worth considering and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to expand their RPG playlist. I haven’t bought the retail copy yet. Still waiting for it to go on sale in the $40-20 range. I’ve been spending too much money lately on games and getting the new iPad 😦 If you’re not convinced by me, you guys can check out GameTrailer’s review.

Click here to watch Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning Review in high-def.

Is Earth worth saving? Or should it fall into oblivion? Be the Judge of this Mass Effect 3 Review!

3.6.12 couldn’t be any sweeter. I picked up  my Collector’s Edition of Mass Effect 3 at Gamestop. Unfortunately, I also pre-ordered another game on the spot. I’ll be picking up a copy of Resident Evil Raccoon City as well later this month. Hopefully I will not be disappointed like Resident Evil 5! I couldn’t bear to play past the first boss fight. There was nothing exciting to look forward to.

But let’s move on with the good. Mass Effect 3’s marketing is quite effective. First came along the multiple trailers, pre-order bonuses with almost any type of purchases that was from Bioware, and then they sponsored commercial debuts during my FAVORITE TV show – The Walking Dead. EA and Bioware has done a remarkable job. Their marketing efforts have not gone to waste. Especially with their Space Edition copies if you know what I mean. After playing the demo 2 weeks before release, I was convinced that ME3 would not be a let down. If you don’t believe me, you can also check out the video review published by GameTrailers. There’s so much to look forward to if you’re a returning ME fan: meeting new characters, reuniting with familiar faces, rekindling romance, and best of all seeing all your choices/decision-making carry over since the first Mass Effect. What more could a fan want? Why of course – an epic final last stand for humanity and the galaxy. Need I say more? Just purchase the game if you played the first and second. If you haven’t indulged in the Mass Effect universe, I strongly suggest trying out the series. You will not be disappointed (unless you have no soul) 😉

By the way, if I haven’t been active on my blog it’s because I’m busy saving the galaxy from the Reapers.

Click here to watch Mass Effect 3’s video review in hi-def.

The Darkness II Review HD

Are you ready to embrace the dark side in The Darkness II? Or is it a sequel you’re willing to pass up into the light? Some of you who tried out the demo on Steam might be anxiously awaiting for the release of this game for quite some time. Well, you guys can start ripping and tearing off limbs now for the simple enjoyment of mass destruction. I must admit, I really find cell shaded games quite charming. The comic book stylized animations makes some games unique like Borderlands. However, I think I’d rather cause mayhem in the apocalyptic wastelands in Borderlands 2 before purchasing my own copy of The Darkness II. This game looks like it would be absolutely worth while when purchased at least half price. I wouldn’t pay full price for this since the game yields no replay value or addicting multiplayer modes. Cast your judgment now by checking out GameTrailer’s review. You can decide whether or not you want to embrace the darkness or head straight towards the light.

Click here to watch The Darkness II review in HD.

FFXIII-2 Review HD

The review for FFXIII-2 is finally here! Is it a sequel that was worth the wait? Or should we look the other way and not forgive Square Enix for the linear and unsatisfying experience in the previous release? Find out more by checking out GameTrailer’s latest review in hi-def to decide whether or not you want to give this sequel a shot. If you ask me, Lightning is a fantastic character. Truly iconic and memorable out of the entire Final Fantasy series currently released. BUT, I was really bitter about FFXIII and I don’t believe this sequel is convincing enough for me to give the series a second chance. I’m just really banking my money for my Mass Effect 3 Collector’s Edition in March 🙂

Click here to watch Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review in hi-def.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Review

Finally here – Star Wars: The Old Republic Review has been posted by GameTrailers. For some of you who weren’t convinced just yet to choose a side, please view GT’s latest review on Bioware’s MMO before you make the ultimatum if you want to dwelve into the galaxy and become a Jedi master. Is SWTOR the first ever WoW killer? Or is it following the trend of other MMOs that will eventually vanish from the face of the gaming universe? Whatever your choice is, may the force be with you.

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Saints Row: The Third Video Review

With all the aggressive marketing Saints Row: The Third pushed out during E3 2011 and other conventions, it makes you wonder if their heavy marketing expenses paid off. I mean, if you guys went to E3 or even saw a live feed of their booth, you would have known they had a lot of babes in bikinis outside the parking lot giving out free car washes 😛 Does Saints Row: The Third still have something refreshing to offer? Or should we turn our heads away and wait patiently until GTA V gets released? Find out more by watching the video review featured by GameTrailers.

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